Research / 研究

The research of our lab focuses on Operations Research and Information Science. We are particularly interested in the mathematical modeling and algorithm design in the field of optimization and decision, logistics and financial technologies, bioinformatics and computational biology.

Currently, we focus on the following topics:

Blockchain technology / 区块链技术

Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger technology that can record transactions efficiently and in a trackable, verifiable and permanent way, and has wide applications in many fields such as financial industry and agriculture. We aim to develop novel mathematical models and algorithms for improving the efficiency and performance of blockchain.
区块链是一种开放的分布式账本数据库技术,具有去中心化、追踪溯源、公开透明、防篡改伪造等特性,在金融业、农业等多个领域有着广泛的应用前景。 我们致力于发展新的数学模型与算法以提高区块链的效率与性能。

Logistics and supply chain management / 物流与供应链管理

Logistics and supply chain management is one of the major research areas in operations research. In China, the application of operations research methods in real industry is lagging behind the theoretical studies. We are particularly interested in the real problem emerged in the industry. We aim to promote the application of operations research methods and improve the efficiency of the logistics and supply chain management in China by cooperating with the logistics company such as COSCO Shipping and JD Logistics.

Network comparison / 网络比较

There are many networks in the real world including a large amount of biological networks generated by high-throughput experimental techniques. It is important to analyze the similarity and dissimilarity between two or more networks. We aim to develop efficient computational methods for network comparison, including network querying, pairwise network alignment, and multiple network alignment.

Biomarker identification / 生物标记物识别

Biomarker play an important role in the clinical diagnosis and therapy and the basic scientific research of complex diseases. We aim to develop the computational models and high performance algorithms for the biomarker identification in heterogeneous complex diseases.