The research of our lab focuses on the mathematical modeling and algorithm design in the field of operations research and its applications. We are particularly interested in the optimization problems in bioinformatics and computational biology. We are also interested in the application of operations research methods in economics and management science.

Currently, we focus on the following topics:

Biological network comparison

A large amount of biological network data for multiple species have been generated by high-throughput experimental techniques, including undirected and directed networks such as protein–protein interaction networks, gene regulatory networks and metabolic networks. There are many conserved functionally similar modules and pathways among multiple biological networks in different species; therefore, it is important to analyze the similarity and dissimilarity between the biological networks. We aim to develop efficient computational methods for biological network comparison, including network querying, pairwise network alignment, and multiple network alignment.

Biological network inference

Due to the limitations of current biological experiments, biological networks such as protein-protein interaction networks and gene regulatory networks, can not be precisely reconstructed from the experimental data. Mathematical methods are urgently desired to infer the possible biological networks based on the available knowledge and experimental data. We aim to accurately and efficiently infer the biological networks by integrating data from multiple sources.

Network biomarker identification

Biomarker play an important role in the clinical diagnosis and therapy and the basic scientific research of complex diseases. From the viewpoint of systems biology, network based biomarker can provide much more power than the traditional gene set based biomarker. We aim to develop the computational models and high performance algorithms for the network biomarker identification in heterogeneous complex diseases.

Logistics and supply chain management

Logistics and supply chain management is one of the major research areas in operations research. In China, the application of operations research methods in real industry is lagging behind the theoretical studies. We are particularly interested in the real problem emerged in the industry. We aim to promote the application of operations research methods and improve the efficiency of the logistics and supply chain management in China by cooperating with the logistics company such as COSCO Shipping and JD Logistics.