Principal Investigator

Ling-Yun Wu, Ph.D.
Director, Bioinformatics Center
Department of Operations Research, Institute of Applied Mathematics
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ling-Yun Wu


  • Yue Zhao, PhD student (2013/09)
  • Xiaopeng Huang, PhD student (2014/09)
  • Guowei Zhang, PhD student (2016/09)
  • Xin Peng, PhD student (2016/09)
  • Xu Wang, PhD student (2017/09)
  • Yonghang Gao, Graduate student (2017/09)
  • Xinhan Ye, Graduate student (2017/09)
  • Chengjia Leng, PhD student (2018/09)
  • Tao Ren, Visiting student from University of Science & Technology Beijing (2018/09)
  • Lili Liu, Visiting scholar from Shaanxi Normal University (2017/01)

Former Members

  • Dr. Qiang Huang, PhD student (2009/09-2014/07), postdoc at Columbia University
  • Ruitang Chen, Visiting student from Stanford University (2016/02-2016/06)
  • Dr. Yinliang Liu, PhD student (2010/09-2016/07), Didi Chuxing
  • Dr. Hongqiao Chen, PhD student (2011/09-2017/07), postdoc at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Duanchen Sun, PhD student (2012/09-2017/07), postdoc at Oregon Health & Science University
  • Miao Li, Graduate student (2015/09-2018/07), Inspur Co., Ltd.